50 Topics That Can Get You Started With Your Next Politics Essay

December 10, 2020

If you haven’t been accustomed to the writing culture of your college by now, then you should already. Because political students are often asked to produce essays on almost any topic, of any complexity level, anytime and anywhere. Therefore, it is better to stay in practice before you start losing grades on the essay writing assignment.

Besides, you are going to meet so many challenges for the first time, so many essays writing intricacies that would make you want to quit studying politics. And imagine in such situations, you haven’t chosen the essay topic yet! Do you feel that adrenaline rush in your body that says “you’re doomed”? Well, not today.

Since your grades are at risk, we can’t let your write on a mediocre topic. So, check out the list below to find 50 most intriguing topics that you can write your next political essay on. We’ve divided the list categorical-wise for your ease. However, just ensure researching the topic, gathering relevant information, and setting your excellent writing skills in action to produce A-grade political essays in no time!

50 Political Essay Topics For All

Basic Political Essays

Here you will find some basic political essays. You can apply your political ideologies to them and cover them from different perspectives, including history, philosophy, religion, technology, and many more.

  1. Discuss the origin of politics.
  2. Name the influential political personalities from around the world and state their one achievement.
  3. Correlate democracy and power.
  4. Review how philosophy is a part of politics.
  5. State the ins and outs of the US political system.
  6. Is terrorism a political conspiracy? Give your opinion.
  7. Globalization or nationalism? What can be better for the world?
  8. Is politics during the wartime different? Describe briefly.
  9. Discuss how is technology reshaping the current political world.
  10. Discuss if the actions taken by the government about any matter needs to be more transparent.

Political Science and Public Administration

The following sample prompts are related to governmental structures, public domain work, and other agencies that are working for the betterment of citizens’ lives. We’ve created a political link between them so that you can write about their laws, policies, rules, and regulations accordingly.

  1. State reasons why the USA never had a female president.
  2. Discuss innovations in the public sector done by the government in the USA.
  3. What community development methods are being used by the federal government.
  4. State the working ethics of non-profit organizations around the country.
  5. Discuss any constitutional vision and how it is utilized today.
  6. Review the compromises made by the environment management team for the health safety of Americans.
  7. Discuss careers in transportation security administration briefly.
  8. Governmental efforts and coordination in today’s world.
  9. Analyze the steps taken by the federal emergency management team in the last couple of months.
  10. State public safety benefits.

Conflicts in Politics

If you are interested in writing about the rising and falling of the economy, elections, or use/misuse of natural resources of the country, this section is for you. Make sure you closely monitor all the effects and causes of your chosen topic at each stage.

  1. Shed light on Mexico and immigrants crisis.
  2. Discuss the repression of the Syrian Government by the USA.
  3. State the causes of Central African Republic Rebellion
  4. Discuss the Afghanistan conflict in detail.
  5. Clarify the causes and peculiarities of civil war.
  6. Discuss how a social movement over the internet can cause live protests against the government.
  7. State the methods that were used to resolve Yemen conflicts.
  8. Discuss how the political powers divided Ukraine.
  9. Address the Iraq-US conflicts and investigate the current situation of Iraq.
  10. Discuss the successful political agenda of any US politician which was opposed by many.

Politics and Conflict Resolution

This section includes some of the most highlighted conflicts that were resolved by peaceful methods. This list includes international conflicts, gender biases at the workplace, custody battles, and whatnot. Before picking the topic, you must know that your essay should offer a strong background overview with methodology, correct structuring and formatting, and solid arguments.

  1. Highlight the conflicts between African-American prisoners.
  2. State the foreign policy of the USA.
  3. Discuss the leadership conflicts post the 9/11 attack.
  4. Discuss the Iran oil conflict.
  5. Demonstrate how the Arctica Power was distributed.
  6. Shed light on the most successful politicians’ lives and their true ambitions.
  7. Is media sometimes bias in covering the news? Give your opinions.
  8. Discuss how Afghanistan agreed to collaborate on political levels.
  9. Identify the comprises left-wing and right-wing politicians have to do in the senate.
  10. State the current situation of the countries that were once at war against each other.

Persuasive Political Essays Topics

Have a political opinion that you want others to understand? Then persuasive essays are for you. Understand that there is no right or wrong viewpoint and your audience’s views can differ from yours.

  1. State what’s democracy in your opinion.
  2. Do you think any law is missing? It could be for products, rights, rules, or anything else.
  3. Write about your least favorite politician and give reasons for it.
  4. Can corruption be cured? Give your ideas.
  5. Talk about how you see the future of the current political system.
  6. If you had your own political party, what steps would you have taken to end crime and violence?
  7. Clear misconceptions about your most-liked political party and state the reason for your support.
  8. Discuss any award-winning moment of your country for maintaining a brilliant rapport internationally.
  9. Think about your dream state and point out the things you’d change about your country.
  10. Write about the political change you liked in the present year.

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