A Complete Guide for Essay Writing

December 3, 2020

Everybody can write, but not all have the skills to create compelling content.

If you remember, you might have done your first writing project when you were in high school but know that it was just a basic start. The write-up didn’t involve complicated instructions and requirements to meet, nor did you have to meet unrealistic deadlines; everything was possible with decent writing skills. But as you are advancing in your academic life, essay writing becomes trickier than before.

Now, you have to thoroughly research, draft your ideas/opinions, and then move to the writing part. Plus, revising and proofreading the entire content is also necessary to correct mistakes and errors you’ve made on the way. Sounds like too much for a writing task? Well, not after we give you the pro writing guide for all types of essays. Just ensure following all the steps and focusing on the creative details to make your essay look professional!

The Ultimate Step by Step Guide To Composing A Flawless Essay

Whether it is narrative, argumentative, or any other type of essay, if you break the task into parts, it will be more manageable for you to finish in the given time. So, get started with the writing process today with these 5 simple steps.

1.    Topic Selection

Need to pick the topic yourself? It’s easy. You first need to decide the fields that inspire you. Now, pick the most appropriate topic for your academic essay and signify a problem. This will help you stay focused on one argument throughout the content.

While picking a title for your essay, you need to ask yourself these five things.

  • Where
  • What
  • Why
  • Who
  • When

If you get all the answers, then know that topic is the best choice for you. After this, you’ll need to brainstorm your mind for ideas regardless of how much time you have left to start composing.

2.    Formulating the Thesis Statement

Remember that the thesis is going to be the key aspect of your essay. If it is vague, then the credibility of the entire content is going to be affected. Therefore, you need to ensure that you use specific keywords and include the main idea of the essay in your thesis statement. Also,  there should be enough evidence to support your thesis statement and to prove your point. Do the following:

  • Ask yourself why did you choose this topic in the first place?
  • Write the first reason that comes to your mind.
  • Next, you need to think about why did you think of that answer and how you’re going to convince your readers.

Remember that you don’t have to give away all the main points in the thesis statement. It is supposed to be simple, clear, and just a highlight of the essay.

3.    Creating the Essay Outline and Composing It

So, by this stage, you have your topic and thesis statement ready. Now, you need to create a roadmap to define all the sections of your essay. If you skip this step, your essay is going to be poorly structured with lots of logical as well as transitional errors. Therefore, you will have to plan your introduction, body paragraph, and conclusion beforehand.

  • Introduction: Start with a striking anecdote, fact, or quote to grab the attention of your reader. Note that this paragraph is going to give a brief overview of your entire essay. From the main arguments to the thesis statement, everything should be precisely written.
  • Body Paragraph: This section includes all your arguments along with supporting arguments, properly divided into paragraphs. Also, all your arguments should be backed with authentic sources to boost the credibility of the paper. Make sure the body paragraphs only contain relevant information.
  • Conclusion: Restate your thesis statement and summarise the main points that you’ve discussed in the body paragraph. You can also give your opinions and discuss the lessons you’ve learned from the topic. Just ensure no new arguments are included in the conclusion. A good conclusion must not take more than 15% of the whole content.

Going step by step will help you in keeping the flow of your ideas coherent. Moreover, it will help you be organized and focused throughout the essay writing process.

4.    Proofreading and Editing the Content

After you’ve finished writing, go through the entire paper one more time to ensure it doesn’t have any grammatical or spelling mistakes. Also, when you reread the content, you can identify your mistakes more clearly. Consider the following tips to avoid the common mistakes students do while proofreading.

  • Give yourself some time after writing the last paragraph. Plan the revision after a day or two if you have excess time left for submission.
  • Understand your writing pattern and evaluate if it is done correctly.
  • Use online proofreading tools to correct your compositional errors.
  • Say out all the words loudly when you are proofreading. It will help you give a clear idea about what you meant to write and you’ve actually written.
  • Maintain a checklist for all types of errors that you usually make to ensure you don’t miss any error behind.

In case, you have no time left to proofread the content, you can hire a cheap essay writer to do the job for you. They not only correct your errors but also boost the quality of your content by editing where necessary. However, it is on you to ask them not to modify your current writing.

5.    Paper Formatting

Whether or not your professor has given you the formatting guidelines, you need to format your paper in one style. Inconsistency in formatting will make your paper look unappealing. So, practice different formatting methods in advance so you don’t face problems when you are writing the essay. You can also seek expert help in learning the formats if something is unclear to you.

All in all, writing an essay is not that big of a deal that students think. You can efficiently compose a compelling essay if you have a creative mind, know the basics of writing, and possess sufficient compositional skills to generate exceptional content. Just ensure following all the steps to complete the paper on time without any hassle!

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